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We leverage our expertise, partnerships, and strong neighborhood relationships to complete commercially, environmentally and socially successful community-based projects. 

Our team has managed the design, construction, and development of over $300 million in community-based investments. The principals have the requisite expertise to lead sustainably-focused developments across multiple asset classes including, transit-oriented and smart growth communities, affordable urban infill, and non-profit and public-private partnerships. We leverage our financing relationships, including public and private sources, with a particular focus on Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC), Historic Tax Credits (HTC), Community Development Block Grants (CDBG), Tax Increment Financing (TIF), and traditional debt sources to complete compelling projects on-time and on-budget.


In all of our developments, we seek to enhance the overall impact our projects have on the surrounding environment to effectively minimize energy and water usage, utilize the most efficient sustainable building practices, and employ net-zero construction practices. Holistic sustainability is achieved by the expertise and award-winning skillset of our broader design, construction, and consultant teams. One of our greatest assets is ensuring best practices are purposefully shared throughout our organization.

AINA Method


Revitalization & Infill Development within Historic Communities

  • Focus on wider societal impact

  • Character-rich spaces

  • Respect social and demographic forces


Impact Beyond Environmental Benefits

  • Lower operational costs 

  • Improved occupant health and wellness

  • Generational investment in quality environments

  • Educational aspects of sustainability


Leveraging Financial Innovation and Partnerships

  • Public-private and non-profit partnerships for true community-based development

  • Opportunities for residents to transition into long-term homeownership

  • Essential for communities who need time, support and education to build wealth and buy their home

sustainable communities

 Prosperity, Opportunity, & Healthy Environment

  • Efforts to protect the natural environment and ensure benefits for future generations

  • Access to economic opportunity 

  • All benefit from economic opportunity and the shared environment.

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