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Forms of Resiliency

To withstand disasters, to increase productivity and health, we must build more resilient communities. 

Urban planning, design and community dynamics play a critical role in creating health. 

Tectonic Resiliency
  1. The team has developed a performance-based sustainability plan for all our developments which exceed local building standards and contribute to South Florida’s larger goal of becoming a leader in sustainability and resiliency. 

  2. All our developments pursue LEED certification or equivalent. We recognize the importance of health and wellness and will utilize strategies outlined in the WELL Building Standard to provide buildings that create healthy environments for our occupants. 

  3. The incorporation of educational elements within our developments advocate for green building and enable opportunities to learn about sustainable attributes with the goal of inspiring positive change.

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Economic Resiliency
  1. We always prioritize community-based hiring during construction, utilizing local businesses and services, and working with local artists and artisans.

  2. The economic impacts of utilizing truly local developments extend far beyond the  construction phase. Numerous ancillary economic and social benefits, such as a greater sense of place, high-quality affordability, healthier overall lifestyle, increased property values, and community pride are achieved.

  3. By investing in community assets, we’re helping to build a secure financial future for residents, employees, retirees, schools, non-profit organizations and the community at-large. Our developments enhance the value of neighboring properties to anchor the community and help to foster a sought-after job market.

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Social Resiliency
  1. We aim to be creative and efficient not only in design, but socially equitable, providing high-quality construction within a streamlined process for all socioeconomic groups.

  2. Quality affordable housing is a critical component to a community’s infrastructure which deserves the same amount of funding as other public benefit spending. 

  3. Our developments incorporate and complement the surrounding existing neighborhood in the pursuit of best-in-class, active, community-centric projects that provide a healthy environment and a beautiful experience for the community to call home.

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