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"Sustainable development is meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

Sustainable Development 

We are committed to improving the communities we work in as a whole and utilize the latest innovations to provide eco-friendly and sustainable solutions in a cost-efficient manner. We use best efforts to design with solar and other renewable sources of energy to offer clean technologies in all of our developments. These sustainable practices maximize efficiency while reducing overall operational costs-- a win-win for communities, residents, and the planet.


Life-cycle Costing

  1. With our wider design and construction team we focus on truly sustainable and LEED-certified development, getting as close to net-zero as possible within the South Florida context. 

  2.  Not only do our projects focus on beautiful design, but an emphasis from our predevelopment process on life-cycle costs, allows us to build better from the start. 

  3. We decrease overall operational costs long-term, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars over the lifetime of our structures and ensure our developments will last for 50+ years.


Prioritizing Healthy Housing

  1. After working in lower-income communities, we saw firsthand how the lack of healthy, safe, and sanitary housing conditions affects families and the community at large. Healthy homes are a critical component to overall health and wellbeing. 

  2. Parents miss work, children develop asthma and other respiratory issues very early, missing school, the elderly are particularly prone to deteriorating conditions and improper maintenance which directly affects their health. With COVID, an even greater importance on health in the home, particularly with multigenerational households is one of our core areas of focus.

  3. A well-designed and sustainable landscape composed of native plants adds beauty, pleasure, and value to our developments, and the broader neighborhood. Selecting the proper plantings for our developments is of foremost importance in creating a healthy and successful low-maintenance landscape.


Smart Growth Principles

  1. Located near public mass transit and existing bike/walking paths, our developments encourage alternative means of transportation which saves money, increases access to better jobs, improves health and allows residents to reach critical community services. 

  2. We work directly with municipalities and local stakeholders to create an active neighborhood node which supports a community’s wider goals of building a healthier, more innovative and sustainable society.

  3. Our deep commitment to sustainability is evident in our goals for each individual development, which includes LEED certification or equivalent.



Beautiful and Timeless Design

  1. We are selective in the projects we work on and know our experienced team will always strive to provide an efficient and beautiful development.

  2. We aim to exceed the expressed design objectives in a municipality’s Comprehensive Plan

  3. We have assembled a world-class design team to develop a fully-integrated project between architecture, landscape, and sustainability.


Historic Preservation Focused

  1. By prioritizing urban development, a sense of place and regional pride become a foremost context to translate the historical value of a place towards a successful future. 

  2. We know that the greenest building is the one already built and we preserve materials from our  predevelopment process through construction to ensure embodied energy is preserved.

  3. Every effort to assist with the relocation and salvation of existing trees on-site is preferred in our predevelopment process.


Passive and Active Design

  1. The careful siting and positioning of our developments in relation to the solar orientation will maximize the passive technologies of the residences to reduce operational costs and reliance on technologies. 

  2. The use of fresh air ventilation provides maximum quality to help ensure the health and wellness of our residents. Water filtration systems and use of natural sunlight will also enhance mental wellbeing to create a harmonious relationship within the neighborhood.

  3. Active sustainable technologies provide increased efficiency throughout our developments including an advanced insulation system, top-of-the-line HVAC systems, tankless water heating, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) reduction, LED lighting, on-site solar energy production, use of recycled materials, native landscaping, ENERGY STAR® rated appliances and low water-use fixtures.

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